Romper Room began in San Francisco in 2012 in the SoMa district with a series of legendary after-hours parties that united the many sub-scenes within the Bay Area’s thriving underground. Romper Room offers an enviroment to explore music, dance and art  while sorrounded by a thick deep vibe curated by  an alliance of  veteran “warehouse culturists”.

Some past Romper Room djs have been: Gehno Aviance, Benjamin Vallery, Robert Jeffrey, ZoZ, D-Soda, Tyrel Williams, Mozaic, Larry Gonello Jr., Trevor Sigler, Sergio Fedasz and Steve Fabus.

We are really excited  about our new location and honored to have been invited to host our events there. Our new location in West Oakland features:

-Outside smoking area [NO SMOKING INSIDE]
-Chill spaces with many pillows
-Hookah lounge
-Art creating  areas